Ella + Jeremy [Perth, Australia]

Photographing this stellar couple in Perth, Australia, seemed surreal. The moment I met Jeremy and Ella, we all felt like friends; we rounded out the evening with Thai food and lots of laughter.

Jeremy is from Australia, and Ella is from England. Three years ago, they met at a mutual friend's wedding in London. They bonded over photography, and six months later he moved to London so they could date on the same continent. 

Ella works for Compassion, so she and Jeremy traveled to Kenya for a photo project, "Any Girl." They documented the stories and portraits of ten girls in rural and urban Kenya. The BBC, Marie-Claire, and ELLE Magazine published their project online! It was also exhibited at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.

(Side note: Compassion is an organization dear to my heart. I've sponsored the same child for the last decade and would recommend it to any individual or family.)

This fun couple currently resides in sunny Perth...I'm only slightly jealous ; ) I hope you enjoy the scenery in these photos as much as I did!