Alicia + Justin [Old Summer House, Lancaster PA Wedding]

Alicia and Justin both have such sweet spirits, and one thing that stood out the most to me was how much FUN their guests had at the wedding and reception. This adorable couple has attended the same church ever since they were babies, so many of the guests have known these two their whole lives…which is a neat dynamic at a wedding. While I interacted with the bridesmaids (who were an incredibly fun, supportive bunch!!), I learned the girls have all known each other for YEARS which is extra special. I can never put into words how meaningful it is to watch each couple enjoy their “first look”—when they see each other for the first time….just the two of them….in a peaceful atmosphere. As you can see below, Alicia and Justin’s faces lit up, and their joy was contagious.

The beautiful, rustic reception was held at The Old Summer House. The barn is a perfect and spacious venue for such an occasion. Lush, pink peonies were all around, and I loved the chandelier above the bride + groom’s table.  Enjoy the highlights from Justin + Alicia tying the knot.

AJ01 AJ02 AJ03 AJ04 AJ05 AJ06 AJ07 AJ08 AJ09 AJ10 AJ11 AJ12 AJ13 AJ14 AJ15 AJ16 AJ17 AJ18 AJ19 AJ20 This bridal party was not lacking in the personality department (it was soooo hot, but they did an awesome job!) AJ21 AJ22 AJ23 AJ24 AJ25 Leave it to the groomsmen to find a frog hoppin' aroundAJ26 AJ27 AJ28 AJ29 AJ30 AJ31 AJ32The bride and groom wanted a corporate worship time, to thank God for bringing them together AJ33 AJ34 AJ35 AJ36 AJ37 AJ38 AJ39 AJ40 AJ41 AJ42 AJ43 AJ44 AJ45 AJ46 AJ47 AJ48 AJ49 AJ50 AJ51 A few sunset portraits on the beautiful property of The Old Summer House AJ52 AJ53 AJ54 AJ55 AJ56