Amy + Matt [Hopewell Furnace session]

If you’ve been acquainted with my work since last Fall, you may remember Matt and Amy: the bride + groom who are avid cyclists, hence the below image. It remains one of my favorites! Lititz holds many memories for Matt and Amy’s relationship, so it was the perfect backdrop for this snapshot. Fun fact: Matt’s ancestors were some of the first to settle in Lititz. Hopewell-Furnace-Session_00

One year ago, this sweet couple exchanged vows in the same church where they first laid eyes on each other as toddlers. I wouldn’t exactly call it “love at first sight” though…with a twinkle in his eye, Matt used to pull Amy’s pigtails in Sunday school.

People are drawn to these two. They have a way of making others feel valued, and they are welcoming to anyone they meet. They’re admired by many—including the cross-country high school students they coach at Warwick.

What better way to celebrate their first year of marriage than with a fun photo session, including their beloved pup named Colbie. She’s such a snuggly Goldendoodle. Hopewell Furnace Historic Site was the perfect combination: dog-friendly and photogenic!

Hopewell-Furnace-Session_01 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_02 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_03 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_04 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_05 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_06 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_07 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_08 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_09 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_10 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_11 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_12 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_13 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_14 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_15 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_16 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_17 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_18 Hopewell-Furnace-Session_19