Bree + Jonny [Lancaster Backyard Wedding]

I can still remember the way Bree’s entire face lit up as she gushed about her first date with Jonny back in 2012. Almost two years later, they both radiated that same glow as they exchanged vows, their hearts bursting with love and elation. As I captured each joy-filled moment, I saw that Bree & Jonny ensured their special day would be a FUN occasion for their guests…one small example: as nearly 300 guests arrived to the outdoor ceremony, they were given refreshing drinks and fresh popcorn from a vintage cart. Their family friend’s stunning property was the quintessential setting for a summertime, backyard wedding.

I hope you can feel Bree & Jonny’s excitement and devotion to each other as you peruse these photos. And a special “thank you” to my talented second-shooter, Chelsea…she happens to be my sister, and she’ll be working with me at upcoming weddings!! Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_01 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_02 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_03 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_04 The pool house, where the bride & bridesmaids got ready, was a photographer's dream --perfect, natural light!Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_05 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_06 Jonny surprised her with a charm for her bracelet (featuring wedding rings)Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_07 The handsome groom could not WAIT to see his stunning bride for the first timeLancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_08 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_09 During their "First Look," Jonny couldn't stop admiring Bree!Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_10 One of many perks of a "First Look:" it allows several minutes of peace & quiet for the bride and groom. Jonny led them in prayer, so I grabbed my 70-200mm lens and caught this sweet moment from a distance.Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_11 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_12Seriously, you two….so stunning!! Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_13 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_14 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_15 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_16 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_17 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_18 The loveliest, most enthusiastic group of bridesmaids! I love the image on the right, because that's the groom's sister (left) and his cousin on the right (she gets the credit for Jonny and Bree meeting! : ) Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_19I'm still swooning over their bouquets, and I'm glad Chelsea snapped this photo. Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_20 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_21 Can we please talk about how precious (and well-behaved) these SIX kiddos were?Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_22 Love this perspective from Chelsea.Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_23 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_24 The snazzy groomsmen were a blast to hang out with.Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_25 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_26 Notice the aforementioned freshly-popped popcorn for guests when they arrived to the ceremony!Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_27 Oh, the anticipation from the groom as she walks down the aisle…my favorite moment of a wedding day.Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_28 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_29 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_30 Band members from Victory Church lead heartfelt worship, as you see in the next two photos.Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_31 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_32 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_33Who doesn't love a radiant groom!? Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_100Officially Mr. and Mrs!Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_35 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_36 Off to the reception, which was a complete and total blastLancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_37 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_38 The speeches were obviously a hit! (Also, Jonny and Bree chose to sit at a table with their family, to honor their parents and siblings. So neat.)Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_39 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_40 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_41One of my favorite details to their reception…yum! Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_42 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_43 The wide-eyed ring bearer! Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_44 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_45 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_46 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_49Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_47Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_48Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_50A romantic canoe ride wrapped up the evening! Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_51 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo_52