Carrie + Jeff [Drumore Estates Wedding]

I have a treat for you all today! I’ve been bursting to share these photos of an incredible couple. I can’t say enough positive things about Jeff and Carrie’s day: the steadfast love they share, the elegant venue, navy and coral touches, and their energetic and caring friends/family who showered the couple with love.  Jeff and Carrie have been together since high school, so this was a joyous celebration with people who have walked through all stages of life with these two.

My sister, Chelsea, and I enjoyed every minute photographing this classy wedding with a laid-back feel (perfect mix!)

Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_001 Carrie wore her grandmother's necklace! I love when bride's incorporate family heirlooms. Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_002I love this moment--the bride's mother glancing across at the groom's mother, just moments before their children would be exchanging vows. Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_003 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_004 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_005 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_006This was hands-down one of the sweetest "first look" moments. As soon as they saw each other, they were both tearing up. This was a day they've anticipated for years! Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_007 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_008 This next one might be my favorite portrait of the day. Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_009I'd love to brag on my sister (second-shooter) who captured this moment. Such sweet emotion. Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_010 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_011 I told y'all that Drumore Estates is gorgeous! Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_012 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_013 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_014 Carrie has this timeless elegance about her! And Jeff was looking quite dapper.Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_015 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_016 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_017 Carrie has exquisite taste--the bridesmaids' dresses were from Nordstrom, and they were perfectly paired with coral touches. And y'all may recognize the bride's sister (second from the left) since I photographed her senior portraits this summer! Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_018 Beautiful florals by Sandra Porterfield Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_019 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_020 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_021 Such jovial, snazzy-looking groomsmen who have grown up together.Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_022 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_023It's always so sweet when a groom tears up as he watches his bride glide down the aisle Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_024 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_025 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_026 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_027 Exchanging vows…and more tears ; ) It was a sweet, sentimental day!Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_028 Mr. and Mrs!Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_029 Chelsea covered cocktail hour (just look at that food!) while I photographed family portraits. Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_030 It's always fun running into former Ashley Elizabeth Photo brides/grooms…Matt and Amy are wonderful!Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_031 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_032 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_033 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_034 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_035 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_036 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_037 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_038 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_039 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_040 Check out this cake by Bella Manse!! Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_041 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_042 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_043 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_044 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_045 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_046 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_047 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_048 Lancaster_Drumore_Estates_Wedding_049