Carrie + Jeff [Historic Shady Lane]

Carrie and Jeff were enjoying a getaway with friends at the Outer Banks, North Carolina this past summer. One warm evening, Jeff invited Carrie on a romantic stroll along the crystal, shimmering water. It was then that Jeff asked Carrie—the girl he has loved since high school—if she’d spend the rest of her days as his wife. With a resounding and joyous “Yes!,” Carrie promised forever. These two are just adorable in every sense of the word; I couldn’t be more excited for their August 2014 wedding at the stunning Drumore Estate. I met up with this sweet couple at a stunning venue, Historic Shady Lane. A big “thank you” for their use of the property! If any of you future brides are looking for a charming venue, make sure you check it out. You can get married outside or in a lovely greenhouse! As I photographed this easy-going couple, I heard a bit more of their love story. They’ve known each other since middle school and officially started dating in high school at Warwick. Post high-school, they both attended University of Pittsburgh.  They’ve essentially grown up together, and their love has only continued to deepen through the years. It’s a busy time in their lives, especially as Carrie works hard to complete medical school at Temple in Philadelphia. No doubt there are exciting things in store for these two!

Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-01 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-02 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-03 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-04 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-05 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-06 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-07 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-08 Carrie reminds me a bit of the actress, Mischa Barton, in this photo!Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-09 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-10 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-11 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-12 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-13 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-14 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-15 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-16 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-17 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-18 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-19 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-20 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-21 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-22 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-23 Historic_Shady_Lane_Engagement-24