Clayton Austin Workshop [Austin, Texas]

As I gaze out my window at 16 inches of snow (while wearing about 7 layers of clothing), I’m reminiscing about sunny Texas…specifically the time I attended Clayton Austin's photography workshop. Several years ago, I discovered Clayton Austin’s blog and was absolutely mesmerized for the next few hours. His images were captivating and left me breathless. He penned striking words about romance and relationships, and I knew I had just found a special corner of the internet’s universe. See why I was captivated!? < ---Clayton hauled an old piano across the desert and photographed couples in epic scenery.

When Clayton announced he was hosting his first “Share the Goodness” workshop, it didn’t take long for my friend and I to purchase plane tickets to Austin, Texas, to be part of this. A small group of us photographers from all over the U.S. gathered to learn from this extremely talented artist. We covered branding, story telling, photographing wedding details in a creative manner, business tips, and a plethora of other info.

Clayton_Austin_Workshop_00[Photo by Clayton Austin. That'd be me, with the camera slung over my shoulder.]

This experience, over a year ago, played a pivotal role in my business. While in Texas, I developed the approach I want to bring to each client. I realized my goal is not to be like Clayton Austin…I’m Ashley, not Clayton. Therefore, I will bring my own unique traits to every session and every wedding I photograph. I value the advice Clayton shared at that workshop, and it’s exciting for me to look back and see a shift in my work (hopefully I’m continuously growing!)

Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas01 Shauna and her husband, James, are a delightful couple who hung out with us for the afternoon’s “live shoot.” They look striking in their wedding attire! And a big congrats to Shauna and her sister, who just won a Grammy for “best recording package.” They’re art directors at Backstage Design Studio. Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas02 Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas03 Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas04 Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas05 Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas06 Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas07 Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas08 Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas09 Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas10 Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas11 Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas12 Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas13 Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas14 Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas15 Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas16 Clayton_Austin_Workshop_Austin_Texas17