Colleen + Alex [Lancaster Backyard Wedding]

The groom’s elegant bride glided down the aisle towards him. The girl he had loved since age six was about to be his wife! Their devotion has been steadfast over many years. Someone should have reminded me to wear waterproof mascara to this wedding, because I babysat Colleen when I was a young teen and have watched her grow up. What a privilege to capture these childhood sweethearts pledge their love.

Many of the guests have known Colleen and Alex nearly their whole lives, so this backyard wedding was a joyous celebration indeed. The couple’s first dance to Michael Buble was a piece they choreographed, and they looked super snazzy while dancing! It was especially fitting since Colleen has been a dancer her entire life--which is also why she chose to wear shoes designed like dancers' "point shoes."

Enjoy the glimpse into their memorable day!

Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo01 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo02 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo03 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo04 Colleen was such an elegant and graceful bride! I l love this portrait, just moments before the ceremony.Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo05Both of them looked fantastic, in their timeless attire. Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo06 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo07 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo08 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo09 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo10 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo11 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo12 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo13 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo14 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo15 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo16 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo17 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo18 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo19 Colleen's brother led worship and shortly thereafter, the bride and groom served communion to their guests. I've never seen that before and thought it was a neat symbol! Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo20 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo21 Finally, after many years, they are married!!Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo22 These next two portraits are certainly my favorites from the day.Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo23 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo24 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo25Time to party! Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo26 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo27 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo28 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo29 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo30 I always enjoy watching the parents' expressions during first dances. How stunning is the bride's mom as she watches her husband and daughter share a special moment.Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo31 The bride and her mom executed a beautiful vision, and they hunted down various china for the reception. I also want to brag on my mom, who headed up the making of the favors: the exquisite Springerle cookies (in the left photo.) Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo32 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo33 Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo34 The bride and groom taught their guests a traditional, Greek dance which provided plenty of laughs! Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo35Hey, I know that couple in the top left photo--my adorable sister (a bridesmaid) and her stylin' husband! The bottom left shot is sentimental, as it shows both the groom's parents and bride's parents. The day ended with dancing, and then the couple embarked for a fun honeymoon in the Virgin Islands. Lancaster_Backyard_Wedding_Photo36