Emilie + Jordan [Philadelphia Wedding]

She’s a creative, artsy soul who works at an art museum and creates elaborate oil paintings. He’s a steady, gentle, reliable man—a skillful architect. These two compliment each other in ways that their childhood selves could have never dreamed. Acquaintances since they were nine, Emilie and Jordan grew up in Philadelphia but dated other people through the years. Yet they always kept an eye on each other and secretly entertained thoughts of “what if….someday.” Two years ago they bumped into each other at Jordan’s sister’s birthday party, and their first date soon followed. Many dates in Philadelphia have happened since then: dates including art shows, the orchestra, hiking, and camping. There’s just something about these two. I walked into their wedding day feeling like we were old friends, despite the fact that we had only met via Skype! I don’t think Emilie and Jordan stopped beaming at any point on their wedding day, can you tell? We had a blast during their portrait time at Curtis Arboretum! Their bridal party was stellar and so.much.fun. Don’t you love the various shades of the girls’ dresses? I'm in love with those gorgeous stone steps, and many of the images were begging to be turned black + white. It fits the classic, timeless mood!

Enjoy a glimpse into this couple’s wedding day! Emilie and Jordan, thank you for displaying your huge hearts and for being delightful to work with. I think I smiled the whole way driving home to Lancaster because of the special moments and people that were part of your wedding. Enjoy the journey!

Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_01 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_02 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_03 I'll admit--I often get misty-eyed during a "first look"! Such a special moment when the groom turns around and sees his bride for the first time.Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_04 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_05 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_06 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_07 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_08 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_09 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_10 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_11 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_12 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_13 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_14 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_15 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_16 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_17 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_18 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_19 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_20 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_21 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_22 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_23 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_24 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_25 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_26 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_27 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_28 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_29 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_30 Emilie found these super cute clutches from Etsy--her gift to the bridesmaids! Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_31 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_32 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_33 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_34 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_35 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_36 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_37 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_38 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_39 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_40 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_41 Their reception had a summer tea-party vibe. So many adorable DIY details!Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_42 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_43 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_44 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_45 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_46 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_47 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_48 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_49 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_50 Philadelphia-PA-Wedding-Arboretum_51