Fabiana + Sean [New Jersey Vineyard Engagement Session]

At age 14, Sean entered Biology class and saw Fabiana from across the room. Besides the obvious fact that she was gorgeous, he knew there was something special about her. They formed a strong friendship and began dating in the fall of 2004 just a few months later. Over the past TEN years of dating, their love has carried them through a lot—including four years at separate colleges. Needless to say, they’re exuberant about being engaged! Their proposal story sounds even better than a movie. Sean dreamed up a fantastic plan for his sweetheart. Last October, they traveled to New York City; Fabiana was expecting to spend the day shopping for a picturesque diamond ring. Little did she know what Sean had up his sleeve.

While strolling hand-in-hand through Central Park, they “stumbled upon” an extravagant picnic planned by Sean. I mean how romantic is that!? Fabiana saw Sean down on one knee, and she answered with a resounding “yes” when he asked to marry her.  They wrapped up the day celebrating the joyous occasion with friends and family who have poured into this couple for the last ten years.

I’m eager to share this session with you all. This couple looked so classy and fabulous; a vineyard near their home in New Jersey was an ideal setting.

new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_01 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_02 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_03 This is easily one of my favorite images I've ever taken. They look so natural and content. new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_04 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_05 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_06 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_07 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_08 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_09 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_10 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_11 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_12 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_13 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_14 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_15Fabiana and Sean tell me they're not professional models, but seriously look at this next one….they're naturals! new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_16 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_17 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_18 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_19 new_jersey_vineyard_engagement_session_20