Greer Family Portraits

Simply put, the Greers are phenomenal. Peter, Laurel, and their kids are inspiring. After spending time with them on their shoot, I was energized by their enthusiasm and kindness. And most of all, their story. When I returned to the U.S. after living in Africa, one of my Ugandan friends in Lancaster suggested I read The Poor Will be Glad. I was engrossed and couldn’t put it down. Peter authored this book, and it was my introduction to him and the organization he runs: HOPE International. HOPE is “a global nonprofit focused on addressing both physical and spiritual poverty through microfinance.”

As I read about HOPE’s global work in The Poor Will Be Glad, I found myself nodding in agreement. I have witnessed that handouts often create dependency. This is why I support HOPE’S mission to see people around the globe be self-sustainable. The photos in the book gripped my heart, as I longed again for Uganda. Jeremy Cowart, a friend of Peter’s, photographed the stunning images in the book (allow me to have a nerdy photographer moment: Jeremy is incredible, and you’re missing out if you haven’t seen his work!!)

Knowing that the Greers and I share a passion for missions, a heart for Africa, and a love for adoption, I was incredibly excited heading into their session. Lilly and Keith are such cuties and showed off their sweet smiles. Myles, who instantly stole the Greer’s hearts when they adopted him from Rwanda, is such a handsome and spunky little guy! Laurel started For More, an organization that provides clean water in Rwanda. Peter and Laurel just exude passion and God’s love for the nations, and it was fun to chat about places we’ve both explored: Jinja and Kampala, Uganda; Rwanda; etc. In fact, Peter and Laurel’s first date was rafting down the River Nile. They fell in love while living and working in Rwanda!

We were blessed with a 65 degree Autumn day, complete with golden sunshine! Meet the Greers. 

Lancaster_Portrait_Session-01 Lancaster_Portrait_Session-02 Lancaster_Portrait_Session-03 Lancaster_Portrait_Session-04 Lancaster_Portrait_Session-05 Lancaster_Portrait_Session-06 Lancaster_Portrait_Session-07 Lancaster_Portrait_Session-08 Lancaster_Portrait_Session-09 Lancaster_Portrait_Session-10 What better thing to include in a Fall session than a fire and marshmallows? Lancaster_Portrait_Session-11 Lancaster_Portrait_Session-12 Lancaster_Portrait_Session-13Could these two be any more photogenic!? Lancaster_Portrait_Session-14 Lancaster_Portrait_Session-15