Jenn + Adam [Hershey Gardens]

We live in a day and age where more and more singles are turning to dating sites to meet a potential match. I have photographed countless couples that met this way, and I always love hearing exactly how they caught each other’s eye! In Adam and Jenn’s case, he reached out to her after noticing her wearing his favorite band’s t-shirt. After months of dating and realizing he couldn’t live without her, Adam proposed to Jenn after that band’s concert (A Day to Remember—and it certainly was ; ) They’re eagerly anticipating their September wedding, and Adam enthusiastically shares, “I can’t wait to be with Jen longer than I’ve been without her.” Cute!!

As we strolled through the gorgeous grounds of Hershey Gardens, it was apparent these two adore each other. Jenn gushes, “Adam can make me smile and laugh even on the worst of days…He’s so affectionate and constantly showers me with love. There’s not a mean bone in his body!”

This was an especially fun shoot, because I hadn’t seen Jenn since high-school (nine years!) I’m privileged to document this part of their lives, and I can’t stop gushing over how stunning they look in these photos. We wrapped up our session at the charming Hershey Theatre. Enjoy!

Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_01 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_02 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_03 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_04 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_05 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_06 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_07 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_08 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_09 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_10 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_11 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_12 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_13 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_14 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_15 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_16 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_17 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_18 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_19 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_20 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_21 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_22 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_23 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_24 Hershey_Gardens_Engagement_Session_25