Laura + Eric [Lancaster Country Barn Wedding]

Where do I start with these two? They are such dear souls, who were overjoyed on their wedding day--excited to celebrate their love story that God orchestrated. Eric and Laura were so incredibly relaxed, able to soak in all the memories with friends and family. They couldn’t be more genuine…during portrait time, they even asked ME if I was enjoying the day! So considerate. It was certainly an honor to document this day that they’ll always remember. I was struck by the plethora of textured buildings at The Country Barn, which provided fun options for portraits!

Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_01 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_02

Special thanks to makeup artist Kristen of Unfading Beauty. Kristen was a delight to work with, and she made Laura look absolutely flawless.

Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_03 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_04Laura and her grandmother have a very special bond, and I just know this is one of those photos Laura will treasure for years to come.Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_05 Eric was so cool, calm, and collected! Rockin' the bow-ties, boys. Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_06 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_07 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_08 Pay special attention to this bracelet, made especially for Laura. You'll see a description below. (And that pin was her grandma's.) Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_09 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_10Laura's bridesmaids, mama, and grandmother certainly approved of how stunning she looked! Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_11

Laura was my first bride who suggested a separate “first look” with her dad and brother, whom she’s obviously very close to. This was the exact moment when the boys turned around and saw the beautiful bride!


ahhh, this next photo. I love the symbolism, as Laura’s dad admires her hand-made bracelet (made from her mother’s wedding dress!)

Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_13 It's pretty much a given that I tear up during a couple's "first look." It's always an unforgettable moment; Eric was astounded by his stunning wife-to-be.Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_14 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_15 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_16 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_17 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_18 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_19 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_20 I'm smitten with these next few photographs. When I pulled up and saw a greenhouse, I automatically knew it’d be a unique setting for bride + groom portraits. Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_21 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_22 Did I mention Laura's dress had POCKETS!? Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_23 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_24 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_25 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_26 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_27 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_28 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_29 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_30As you can see in these next four photos, the groom AND the parents were emotional as Laura gracefully walked down the aisle. Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_31 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_32 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_33The bride's father spoke a sweet message about his only daughter. It was also special that the groom's grandfather was the minister. Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_34 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_35 Things got a bit emotional, and it was a good thing Laura whipped out a Kleenex from her dress pocket! Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_36 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_37 Honestly, the flower girl and ring bearers were too cute for words. And such a genuine bridal party to work with!Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_38 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_39 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_40 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_41 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_42 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_43 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_44 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_45 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_46 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_47 On to the reception! Laura and her mom worked endless hours to create the centerpieces and fun details sprinkled throughout the venue. I can't imagine hand-making burlap flowers.

Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_48 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_49 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_50 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_51 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_52 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_53 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_54 Father-daughter dance, as the bride's mother and grandparents look on (left of the photo). Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_55 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_56 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_57 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_58 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_59 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_60 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_61 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_62 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_63 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_64 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_65 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_66 And a few more portraits. These two were so natural and fun to photograph.Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_67 Lancaster_PA_Country_Barn_Wedding_68