Maddi [Hershey Senior Portraits]

Let’s start with the obvious. Maddi has the prettiest red hair ever! She was such a natural beauty in front of the camera. There’s nothing quite like photographing a high-school girl and capturing the essence of them. I love when they’ve warmed up to me—and my camera—enough to say, “Can I kick off my shoes? I’m over it. I prefer walking around barefoot!” My response? Great…that's you. So let’s do it. Who is Maddi? An adventure-seeker. A passionate soul. A contagious laugher (this is quite evident in the photos!) A musical gal (leads worship at her church and sings in choir at school.)

It’s so evident that this young lady already has a good grasp on life. Her plans after high school include the long but rewarding road of becoming a pediatrician. There’s no doubt in my mind that she’ll join the medical field with vigor and success.

[A big shout-out to the wonderful makeup artist, Kristen, who is quite talented.]

Hotel_Hershey_Senior_Portraits_01 Hotel_Hershey_Senior_Portraits_02 Hotel_Hershey_Senior_Portraits_03 The evening light + Maddi's hair = magical combination! Hotel_Hershey_Senior_Portraits_04 Hotel_Hershey_Senior_Portraits_05 Hotel_Hershey_Senior_Portraits_06 Hotel_Hershey_Senior_Portraits_07 Seriously, girl!!? You rocked it!Hotel_Hershey_Senior_Portraits_08 Hotel_Hershey_Senior_Portraits_09 Hotel_Hershey_Senior_Portraits_10 Hotel_Hershey_Senior_Portraits_11 Another of my favorites. I love the care-free laughter.Hotel_Hershey_Senior_Portraits_12 Hotel_Hershey_Senior_Portraits_13