Madi [Lancaster Apple Orchard Senior Portraits]

Senior sessions are always special, but it’s extra meaningful when I’ve known the client for years. Seems like just yesterday that Madi was the toddler I babysat; she and her brother gave me my first (and last) drum lesson! They had serious rhythm. I did not. ;) Madi has become a strikingly gorgeous young lady! She exemplified such grace and poise in front of the camera, as you’ll see. And what a perfect background: an apple orchard. A pretty peach dress. The glowing sun setting. I was a happy photographer!

As for future plans, Madi is a talented lacrosse player; she plans to play for a college while majoring in business or psychology. She is a driven and outgoing individual, and I’m sure great things are in store!

Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_01 Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_02 Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_03 A favorite! Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_04 Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_05 Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_06 Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_07 Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_08 There's something about this picture and the reflection in her eyes. Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_09 Ummm, Madi!? So gorgeous!!Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_10 Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_11 Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_12 We also spent part of the shoot in a garden setting. Don't y'all love her colorful maxi dress?Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_13 Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_14 Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_15 Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_16 Lancaster_Apple_Orchard_Senior_Portraits_17