Jarrett + Meg [Linwood Estate Wedding]

Meg & Jarrett’s wedding at Linwood Estate is a celebration I will never forget. These two are crazy-in-love, full of joy, and others-focused. Just wait until you see all the spectacular details sprinkled throughout their day:

-Their wedding favors were iced cookies with their pup’s face on them! So cute.

-Their cocktail napkins had lyrics from songs that are meaningful to Meg & Jarrett 

-Jarrett wore his grandfather’s cuff links

-Meg surprised Jarrett with the coolest groom’s cake I’ve ever seen

-Dog treats for the guests to bring home to their pets, with Meg & Jarrett’s names/wedding date on them

Congrats to the sweetest couple for tying the knot! At age 14, Jarrett caught Meg’s eye when she played tennis at the country club (where he worked.) Years later, they officially met and had their first date during college—when they were back home in PA on Christmas break.

I know their future will be bright, as they experience the peaks and valleys together!