New website!

Our waitress refilled our luke-warm coffee for about the fifth time, but we hardly noticed. My friend, Brett, and I were too busy intently sketching ideas on napkins. Staring out of the rainy window pane of that diner in Philly, I struggled to create concrete ideas about my branding and my website (which I was only dreaming up in my head at that point.) But after several hours of Brett’s thought-provoking questions, I felt like I was getting somewhere—as we scribbled down many ideas that afternoon.

My talented friend, Janine, took my ideas and brought them to fruition; she designed the Ashley Elizabeth Photography goodness you’re looking at: the logo, the website/blog, and also marvelous business cards.

In that diner I had a realization: I am passionate about global missions, so it only makes sense that my business reflects that.

As an Ashley Elizabeth Photography client, your investment will give hope to children in Kampala, Uganda (Africa). A portion of each photo session and wedding will go to Dwelling Places: a non-profit that restores and rehabilitates former street children. I spent 11 months serving there, doing public relations and photography for DP. Words can’t express how excited I am that I can still be involved—from across the ocean. Hop on over to the "about" page to read more about my philosophy!


This montage includes my images from Kenya and Uganda. The left image portrays a girl who has grown up too quickly, taking care of her baby sibling when mom is working in the tea plantation. The top right image shows my buddy, Dan, and me. I will never ever forget the day we rescued Dan from a dangerous situation and placed him into a loving environment at DP.  The bottom photo highlights joyful kiddos at a children’s home in Kenya.

I am absolutely giddy about this new website. My heart bursts with gratitude for those who have helped me through this creative process, particularly Janine and Brett. And my friends, Sara and Amy, who spent hours training me to do my own bookkeeping on Quickbooks. And my business coach, Ed, who helped me register as an LLC this past summer. See, I could keep naming people who have been invaluable to this business!

I’ve always enjoyed writing, so I’m thankful for this blog—an outlet in which to share photos and various thoughts. Thanks for joining me on this journey, and I am EXCITED to get to know y’all as well!