Rachel + Alex [Engaged]

Confession: last year, a few of us girl friends gathered weekly for an Esther Bible study. Buuuuut typically for the first part of “Bible study” we talked about men. Or our unique yard-sale purchases, books we were reading, and our love for Target’s clearance holiday candy. But mostly men, let’s be honest. I specifically remember the "Bible study" that began with Rachel telling us about a kind, down-to-earth guy in her small group at church. Queue Alex : ) They were just friends and nothing more, although she admitted he certainly caught her eye! She tried to stay casual about her description of Alex, but due to her words of endearment, I could tell he must be a wonderful man.

Before I knew it, Rachel and Alex were dating, and I was absolutely giddy. Rachel has been my dear friend for several years, and she has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. I knew it was only a matter of time before an amazing guy realized what a catch she is!

In June, these two will be tying the knot at their rustic wedding, surrounded by people who will walk through life with them. And I get to be the lucky one to capture it!

01We wanted a rural setting (these two are outdoorsy), so we trekked around the grounds of a local historical museum. 

02Some photos just look so RIGHT in black + white...These next two images, for example. I love the emotion.

0304050607This is how Alex feels about marrying Rachel....fist pump!

08091011121314Oh GIRL, you are stunning!

1516One of the many moments Rachel was giggling...I LOVE that they laughed together throughout the entire session.

1718Rachel +Alex have quite the sweet tooth, so we made a stop at a nearby ice cream shop.1920212223'