Rachel [Downtown Lititz Senior Session]

Meet Rachel, a senior at Warwick who's on the track and cross-country teams. She's described as thoughtful, others-focused, and determined. Rachel has grown up in Lititz, so she wanted her portraits to reflect the past 18 years in this charming town. On a sunny September evening, we traipsed around the downtown area and found some fun nooks & crannies. Hands down, my favorites are the ones in front of the wood pile! I’m thankful for trusting clients, because I know I must sound crazy when I suggest portraits in front of stacked wood—but look how they turned out! Rachel, there is no doubt in my mind you will achieve your dream pursuing physical therapy so you can help athletes. I know the future is bright for you!downtown-lititz-senior-session_01 downtown-lititz-senior-session_02 downtown-lititz-senior-session_03 downtown-lititz-senior-session_04 I just LOVE when my clients incorporate their hobbies in the session!! downtown-lititz-senior-session_05 downtown-lititz-senior-session_06 downtown-lititz-senior-session_07 I challenged myself to find some spots that aren't typically photographed in Lititz. Discovered the sunlight is gorgeous at the parking garage overlooking the park! downtown-lititz-senior-session_08 downtown-lititz-senior-session_09 So pretty and care-free, Rachel!downtown-lititz-senior-session_10 downtown-lititz-senior-session_11 downtown-lititz-senior-session_12 downtown-lititz-senior-session_13 downtown-lititz-senior-session_14 downtown-lititz-senior-session_15 downtown-lititz-senior-session_16