Rob + Rachel [Lauxmont Farm Engagement Session]

One chilly, winter evening over chocolate chip pancakes at a diner, something changed in Rachel’s heart. As she looked across the table at Rob, she started viewing him differently: more like a man she was starting to fall for….and less like the boy she befriended nine years earlier when they were in middle-school.  Ross Rob and Rachel (I’ve been watching too many Friends episodes lately ;) had always just been friends. They met in 8th grade. Then their friendship remained through their high school years. They embarked on separate paths after high school but occasionally stayed in touch.

Years later, they randomly decided to catch up that night at the diner in 2010. It’s safe to say sparks flew! Their conversation and banter seemed natural, as they filled each other in about their lives. As a teen, Rob got involved with drugs and alcohol. So that evening, he shared with Rachel that he was in the midst of turning his life around, as he embarked on the journey towards sobriety. In order for Rob to focus on bettering his life, they didn’t start officially dating until a year later.

I’ve become friends with these two—through attending Victory Church, and I've been encouraged to watch them build a foundation for a Christ-centered marriage. I am beyond excited to be part of their wedding at Lauxmont Farms in October.

Their engagement session left me speechless. Just by looking at these photos, you can tell that they adore spending time with each other. When they embrace, there’s a peace that overcomes them.

Can you see why I’m eager for their wedding at this same location—Lauxmont is a dreamy location for a wedding, and they have four possible ceremony sites! 01Lauxmont_farms_engagement 02Lauxmont_farms_engagement 03Lauxmont_farms_engagement 04Lauxmont_farms_engagement 05Lauxmont_farms_engagement 06Lauxmont_farms_engagement 07Lauxmont_farms_engagement 08Lauxmont_farms_engagement 09Lauxmont_farms_engagement 10Lauxmont_farms_engagement Hands-down, this is one of my favorites!11Lauxmont_farms_engagement 12Lauxmont_farms_engagement 13Lauxmont_farms_engagement 14Lauxmont_farms_engagement 15Lauxmont_farms_engagement 16Lauxmont_farms_engagement Incredibly romantic view of the Susquehanna River!17Lauxmont_farms_engagement 18Lauxmont_farms_engagement 19Lauxmont_farms_engagement