Sam + Kim [Central VA Wedding]

Sam and Kim…I could gush quite a bit about these two! I’ve known Sam for seven years, ever since our college days, and I’ve always respected his authentic love for God. I consider Sam a bit of a “mountain man” in the best sense of the word…he’s an adventurer at heart, and I’m glad he found a lady who can share in his passions for outdoor activities. I clearly remember a group of us friends sitting around the lunch table at college, often mesmerized by Sam’s entertaining stories…like about the treasures he’d find while diving head-first into dumpsters. Kim, a total sweetheart, is the perfect match for him. These two both work at the local ER; Sam’s an EMT, and Kim is a nurse. In fact, it was exactly twelve months ago that Sam noticed Kim’s photo hanging on the “incoming employees” bulletin board. Adorable, right? In the following months, their friendship and love grew over hiking, star-gazing, and canoeing. Sam recalls thinking, “I can’t imagine what else I’d look for…Kim has the important qualities.”

After picnicking under a sprawling tree in June, Sam was about to pop the question…but the mood was killed by a family with seven children who each wanted their photo taken on the tree swing. Finally, a peaceful moment came, and Sam asked Kim to be his wife.

These two are both incredibly genuine and truly care about the people around them, which was evident at their rustic wedding in Virginia last month. Their closest friends and family gathered at sunset to watch them exchange vows in front of a barn that looks like it belongs in Montana—love it! Guests enjoyed barbecue, delectable cupcakes, mingling around a fire, and homemade soap as favors. Followed by dancing. Lots of dancing. Kim and Sam know how to throw a party, let me tell ya. On a crisp fall night under glowing stars, they danced their hearts out and celebrated their love.

A heartfelt “thank you” to Brett Hastie for joining me; he captured some excellent candids of Sam and the guys getting ready and endless sweet moments throughout the day.

Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_01 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_02 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_03 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_04Quite clever highlighting these words, Brett...and notice the magazine down below, y'all. Very fitting. Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_05 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_06The mirror with steam adds a neat touch. Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_07 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_08 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_09 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_10 A sweet moment before the ceremony, as Sam's parents prayed for his marriage. Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_11 When Sam and Kim laid eyes on each other at their first look, it was one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever witnessed between a bride and groom. Sam couldn’t stop admiring Kim’s beauty and stunning dress, and Kim lit up every time her eyes connected with his. Because they chose a first look, we photographed portraits of the two of them for over an hour! I’m so thrilled with their stunning images…I don’t believe they've never modeled! Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_12 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_13 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_14 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_15 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_16 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_17 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_18 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_19 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_20 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_21 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_22 One of my favorite shots Brett took!Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_23 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_24 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_25 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_26 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_27 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_28 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_29 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_30 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_31 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_32 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_33 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_34 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_35 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_36 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_37 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_38 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_39 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_40 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_41 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_42 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_43 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_44 Contrary to popular belief, grooms often still tear up even if they choose a "first look." The walk down the aisle is still super emotional! Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_45 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_46 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_47 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_48 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_49 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_50 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_51 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_52 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_53 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_54 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_55 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_56 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_57 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_58 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_59 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_60 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_61 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_62 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_63 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_64 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_65 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_66 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_67 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_68 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_69 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_72 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_73 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_74 Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_75 I was standing smack dab in the middle of hundreds of sparklers, and I was just waiting for my dress to go up in flames! Lynchburg-central-VA-rustic-wedding_76