Zoe + Ryan [and Basset Hounds!]

The moment Ryan and Zoe met resembles a movie scene. They both attended a conference for Audiologists in Texas. One evening, they were all having drinks and getting to know each other at the conference. A friend of Ryan’s turned to one of Zoe’s friends and said, “Do you know a nice girl for Ryan?” At that moment, the friend looked around the room and spontaneously pointed over to Zoe. Ryan confidently introduced himself to Zoe, and something great began that evening. Zoe was attending grad school in New York; Ryan was finishing his last year of grad school by working in Delaware. After dating long-distance, they were excited to both settle in Lancaster. Zoe and Ryan tied the knot in 2012, and I love that they wanted these photos “just because.” I’d like to kindly thank Abby (their Basset-Beagle) and Charlie (their Basset) for their impeccable behavior. Such snuggly, sweet pups. I’m getting spoiled by all the photogenic dogs I’ve photographed lately!

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