Easter Happiness

For me, Easter represents two miracles. 1) The fact that I’ve never ever had a cavity, despite the generous portion of Sweet-tarts and jelly beans the Easter Bunny bestows on our household each year.

2) The real miracle, of course, is that of Christ’s resurrection. He was tougher than death, and His resurrection represents hope: for you and for me.

Yesterday was the first Easter in several years that my immediate family (and 93 year old spunky grandma!) could be together. We all gathered at my parents’ lovely Victorian home, the home where I grew up. I’m thankful that my mom loves holidays even more than I do (if that’s possible), and she STILL makes holidays special for all of us. She has a knack for decorating their house and for whipping up delicious food that puts Martha Stewart to shame.

After church, we indulged in our Easter baskets, just like old times…I was quite proud of myself and hid my sister’s Easter basket in the dryer….with clothes on top. I was prepared for her to be hunting all afternoon, but she managed to find it quickly. My mom knows me well, and she gave me an Easter basket containing mangoes and avocados…some candy, too, of course (for my ridiculous sweet tooth!)

The weather was a bit gloomy, but we did a five-minute photo shoot before the clouds released the rain! (Somehow my 18-year-old brother escaped the camera.) After filling up on ham, orzo with lemon, fresh-out-of-the-oven rolls, veggies, and Crème brûlée, I spent the evening doing NOTHING! And loved every minute of it. Hope you and your family had a meaningful holiday weekend!

My sister and her husband...yeah, they're cuties!


My oh-so-adorable parents


As each year passes, I appreciate my sister more and more



I'm sure you will all agree that my grandma looks great for her age (93 this year!)


My brother-in-law carried on his family's tradition and made Lamby  :)