Josh + Kelly [Downtown Lancaster]

As fate would have it, Josh and Kelly entered a crowded sports bar as total strangers. But they left totally smitten with each other. That evening in 2009 played out much differently than they had anticipated. Josh and Kelly simply planned to watch the Phillies vs Yankees World Series with friends. But upon their first encounter, they chatted away the evening as if “we had known each other for decades,” recounts Kelly.

After talking for hours, they ended the night by dancing to a modern rendition of “Mr. Postman.” Wrapped in each other’s embrace, it seemed so right, and deep down in Kelly’s soul she felt that Josh was a keeper. They were married last June and have since relocated to Lancaster City. May I suggest that you dine at their fantastic restaurant: Annie Bailey’s Pub. It’s a hot spot in the city and has the authentic vibe of an Irish pub, and their food is incredible.

Their pup, Molly, joined us on our shoot throughout the city! They looked fabulous and certainly knew how to rock the camera.

lancaster_city_portrait_session01 lancaster_city_portrait_session02 lancaster_city_portrait_session03 These next two are some of my favorites. Their pup, Molly, clearly loves kisses!lancaster_city_portrait_session04 lancaster_city_portrait_session05 They'll celebrate one year of marriage in June, so this 6 is perfect!lancaster_city_portrait_session06 lancaster_city_portrait_session07 lancaster_city_portrait_session08 lancaster_city_portrait_session09 lancaster_city_portrait_session10 lancaster_city_portrait_session11Love their snazzy outfits! They stopped traffic. Literally.  :) lancaster_city_portrait_session12 lancaster_city_portrait_session13 lancaster_city_portrait_session14 lancaster_city_portrait_session15 lancaster_city_portrait_session16 lancaster_city_portrait_session17