A (snowy) Toast to the New Year

Each year brings with it the anticipation of a fresh start. It's certainly a joyous time to celebrate, as we recall the previous year's special moments as well as what's ahead. Chelsea + Abram cozied up for "A toast to the New Year" session. I am especially exuberant to show these off, because she's my gorgeous sister and he is my stellar brother-in-law. They were AMAZING to brave the 20 degree weather for over an hour. But it was worth it. So worth it. She looks exquisite in her vintage attire (including a fur coat which belonged to our great-aunt), and Abram looks especially dapper in his classy tux. Cheers to this chapter in their lives, when their love continues growing stronger after several years of marriage. [Also, I just recently added a "pin it" button on the blog, so now you can click on these photos to add them to Pinterest!] Lancaster_snow_session01 Lancaster_snow_session02 Lancaster_snow_session03 Lancaster_snow_session04 Lancaster_snow_session05 Lancaster_snow_session06 Lancaster_snow_session07 Lancaster_snow_session08 Lancaster_snow_session09 Lancaster_snow_session10 Lancaster_snow_session11 Lancaster_snow_session12 Lancaster_snow_session13 Lancaster_snow_session14 Lancaster_snow_session15 Lancaster_snow_session16 Lancaster_snow_session17 Lancaster_snow_session18