Steve + Priscilla [Charleston, SC]

There’s something really enjoyable about photographing a couple that has been married a few years. If they’re like these two, they’re the best of friends and they just get each other. While trekking down the cobblestone streets of Charleston with Steve + Priscilla, I tried to contain my jealousy (they live there. So lucky!) I met this couple in April when I helped photograph Priscilla’s brother’s wedding near Boston. A few weeks later, when Priscilla saw I was coming to Charleston, she jumped at the chance to capture this time of their life.

It was a perfect afternoon strolling Charleston with this delightful couple; I kept thinking, “Someone pinch me. I love my job tremendously!]

2013-06-10_0001 2013-06-10_0002 Isn't Calhoun Mansion just stunning? Scenes in The Notebook were filmed inside. The 17-year-old in me is excited about that! 2013-06-10_0003 Just look at those gardens!2013-06-10_0004 2013-06-10_0005 Everywhere you walk in Charleston, the scents of flowers and honeysuckle tickles your nose. 2013-06-10_0006 2013-06-10_0007 These two! They are the cutest. 2013-06-10_0008 2013-06-10_0009 2013-06-10_0010 2013-06-10_0011 2013-06-10_0012 2013-06-10_0013 2013-06-10_0014 2013-06-10_0015On to the spacious and lovely Battery Park! 2013-06-10_0016 2013-06-10_0017 I can't get enough of those live oak trees....2013-06-10_0018 2013-06-10_0019 2013-06-10_0020 2013-06-10_0021 2013-06-10_0022 We ended near the water, still at the Battery2013-06-10_0023 2013-06-10_0024 2013-06-10_0025