Leah [Lancaster Senior Portraits]

You will just love this easy-breezy senior session. Leah is a fun-loving, genuine girl who had no problem letting loose and having a blast in front of the camera. She's quite talented and is involved in cheering, dance theatre, powderpuff football, volleyball, and youth group (Leah, when do you sleep??) It’s apparent to me that she has a bright future, perhaps in the realm of physical therapy. Leah’s world was impacted by a missions trip to Haiti, where she “realized I want to help others somehow in my future.” I absolutely adore being in small group (through church) with Leah’s parents, so this session was an enjoyable time to get to know her more. Wait until y’all see how she rocked the camera!

Lancaster_County_Park_Senior_001 Lancaster_County_Park_Senior_002I swooned quite a lot over this tree and the way it was just made for Leah to sit in! Lancaster_County_Park_Senior_003 One of my favorites! Nothing like a barefoot summer evening.Lancaster_County_Park_Senior_004 Lancaster_County_Park_Senior_005 Lancaster_County_Park_Senior_006 Lancaster_County_Park_Senior_007 Lancaster_County_Park_Senior_008 Lancaster_County_Park_Senior_009 Lancaster_County_Park_Senior_010 Girrrrl, seriously! Love these last two! Lancaster_County_Park_Senior_011 Lancaster_County_Park_Senior_012