Lu + Nathan [Lynchburg, VA]

I met Lu our sophomore year at college, when we shared an impossibly hard honor’s government class (still wondering what possessed me—a Public Relations/Advertising major--to sign up for that.) I became friends with this spunky redhead outside of class, and she was actually one of my first subjects to model for my camera while we ventured around downtown Lynchburg one afternoon. That was over six years ago, during my phase called, “if-I-tilt-the-camera-at-a-crazy-angle-it’ll-produce-an-‘artistic’-photo!” I’ve learned a few things since then, so I was super excited when Lu contacted me asking for a “just because” session with her sweet husband, Nathan (and their pup named Riley).  While Lynchburg welcomed Autumn, we inhaled the crisp air on a perfect September night. Our first stop was The Farm Basket, a favorite spot for locals who appreciate healthy eating and a variety of plants.


I’m beyond lucky to work with such genuine and adorable couples. Lu and Nathan caught each other’s eye while in Literary Criticism class at Liberty. Their relationship developed when they were both grad assistants—while working on their Masters’ degrees in English. Since then, they’ve spent countless hours enjoying shared passions such as running (often Riley joins in the fun!), pouring over good literature, watching intriguing movies, and traveling to the ocean. Nathan appreciates her solid advice, cooking skills, and contagious laughter. Lauren admires his hard work ethic, quirky humor and “passion for stories well told.”

lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_02 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_03 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_04 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_05 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_06 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_07 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_08 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_09 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_10 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_11 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_12 We ended the session in this GORGEOUS garden which is part of a historic home. A little gem tucked away in downtown Lynchburg. lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_13 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_14 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_15 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_16 This is one of my very favorites! The light...the flowers....the couple...the dog...delightful! lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_17 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_18 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_19 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_20 lynchburg-VA-farmbasket_21