Bree + Jonny [Longwood Gardens Engagement]

It was the day he had anticipated for months: the day he'd promise the rest of his life to the girl he adores. And she was totally unsuspecting (at least at the beginning of the day ; ) Jonny planned an elaborate scavenger hunt for Bree around Lancaster, and one of the stops was Francesca’s--her favorite store at the mall. When Bree entered the store, she discovered that Jonny had chosen a stunning dress for her, complete with exquisite jewelry. After changing into her new outfit, the scavenger hunt lead Bree to a friend’s scenic property (the exact spot where they’ll be exchanging vows next year!) Jonny got down on one knee, explained how much Bree has touched his life, and then he proposed. Bree let out an enthusiastic “yes” through her tears. I’ve been blessed to get to know Bree and Jonny through Victory Church over the last year. I clearly remember last Fall when Bree told me she was “sort of seeing someone” as she gushed about this guy that literally made her heart skip a beat the first time she met him. I had a hunch it’d evolve into something lasting, and I couldn’t be happier for these two. They exemplify a passion for Christ and truly seek to brighten the lives of those around them.

Longwood Gardens was a picturesque spot for Bree and Jonny’s engagement session, especially because Bree adores all things flowers and bright colors! It was my first time photographing a session just two weeks after a couple got engaged, and that added an extra-fun element. They’re absolutely smitten with each other, and it certainly shows.

I’m already counting down until their summer, outdoor wedding next June!

longwood_gardens_engagement_session-01 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-02 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-03 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-04 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-05 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-06 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-07 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-08 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-09 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-10 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-11Usually I'm the one with the crazy ideas, but I love that Bree and Jonny wanted to walk through the fountains. Shhh, don't tell. longwood_gardens_engagement_session-12 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-13 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-14 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-15 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-16 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-17 We gushed....a lot....when we came upon this tree house!!longwood_gardens_engagement_session-18 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-19 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-20 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-21 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-22 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-23 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-24 This is certainly one of my favorites from the session. They have contagious joy!longwood_gardens_engagement_session-25 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-26 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-27 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-28 longwood_gardens_engagement_session-29 Honestly, you two, I believe you're part-time models! longwood_gardens_engagement_session-30